Birthing 101

How birth affects breastfeeding

Our job as doulas is to help facilitate a safe and magical birth for our clients.  We are trained to support our clients before, during and after birth.  So, does the birth experience affect the baby’s ability to nurse?  The answer is yes, and sometimes ... → Read more

Breastfeeding your premature baby

If you give birth to a premature baby you can breastfeed, even if your baby spent time in the NICU and was given bottles.  It may take some time for you and your baby to master the skill of breastfeeding but with some patience and, most importantly, ... → Read more

Pregnancy-Can you remain normal?

When you become pregnant there is a glow to your skin, beautiful rosy cheeks, and a look of contentment in your eyes.  The world is wonderful while a beautiful baby is growing inside of you.  As you walk down the street you seem to glide like a queen, ... → Read more

Post-Partum Depression

Q. Many moms fear postpartum depression, but many nursing moms are unaware that depression can occur during and after weaning. What could cause this unexpected emotional change in mothers? A. A lot depends on why she stopping her breastfeeding.  If ... → Read more

Birthing 101

"The universe is an infinite reservoir of unimaginable energy--and you are an expression of that energy", says Deepak Chopra in his book Boundless Energy and one of the most powerful energies in the universe is that of the human contraction during birth.  ... → Read more

Mother’s Intuition

Women have a sixth sense and it becomes extremely acute after a woman gives birth. From my twenty years of practice I have observed, that most women do not trust their intuition. I have found that when my clients feel comfortable with me and tune into ... → Read more

Q & A – Birthing

Q. What should I do if my water breaks and I don't feel contractions? A. Most doctors and midwives want to be alerted right away. A lot depends on the policy of the doctor, midwife, and hospital. In our office our response is WAIT. We believe it is ... → Read more