Weaning-Now is the right time

So you really feel it is time to wean your baby and you are wondering what is the best way to approach it. A lot depends on the age of your child. , but your Babies under the age of six months will usually transition quite easily to the bottle. As a child ... → Read more

Breastfeeding is the bomb

So, you have given birth and your life has changed forever. You have waited nine months, endured the pain of labor and now you have your gorgeous newborn laying gracefully on your belly, waiting for his opportunity to breastfeed. You want only the best ... → Read more

Busting breastfeeding myths

MYTH: All breastfeeding babies need to drink the same amount of food at each feed just like formula babies do. Truth: When a baby is breastfeed, that baby will take in a different amount of breast milk at each feed. In a twenty-four hour period, a ... → Read more

Breastfeeding tips

Q. What breastfeeding tips do you have for a mom of multiples that wants to breastfeed? Whenever I work with new moms of multiples I always see each baby separately for the first visit. It is very important that you learn the strengths and weaknesses ... → Read more

Breastfeeding questions & answers

1) How can breastfeeding impact mental health of both babies and mothers? Breastfeeding is a way that mothers and babies communicate without words. Moms begin to feel the energy of their babies by the way they breathe or pause when they are nursing. ... → Read more

Breastfeeding tips for dads

No matter how hard we have tried to evolve and make men and woman "equal" there is still a significant difference between the sexes and one of those difference is breastmilk. The bottom line is that women have it and men don't. Since studies show that ... → Read more