Breastfeeding do’s & don’ts

Don’t believe that breastfeeding is supposed to hurt and that sore nipples are what is to be expected. If the baby is latched on to the breast properly breastfeeding should not hurt! Do teach your baby to latch onto the breast, not the nipple! ... → Read more

Weaning-Is now is the right time?

So, you feel it is time to wean your baby and you are wondering what the best way to approach weaning is. A lot depends on the age of your child; babies under the age of six months will usually transition quite easily to the bottle, while older babies ... → Read more

Breastfeeding your premature baby

If you give birth to a premature baby you can breastfeed, even if your baby spent time in the NICU and was given bottles. It may take some time for you and your baby to master the skill of breastfeeding but with some patience and, most importantly, proper ... → Read more

Low milk supply

Most women can provide enough milk for their baby, so the concept of “low milk supply” is often a misunderstanding of what is really going on. When women come into my office complaining of low milk supply, they usually are not managing their breastfeeding ... → Read more

Introducing solids foods to babies

Babies don’t need to eat solids until they have from four to eight teeth, or until they can sit up and support themselves in a high chair, and manage to get more food into their mouths, by themselves, than they do in their hair or on the floor. The ... → Read more

Diaper Rash

When a baby is first born I usually advise the caregiver not use any creams or powders on the baby’s bottom because newborn babies should not get diaper rashes. The usual causes for diaper rash are yeast infections, food allergies, digestion problems, ... → Read more

Philosophy on Breastfeeding

"I believe that the natural path for a woman who decides to have children is to breastfeed them. Girls must be educated to understand that breastfeeding, where possible, is not only psychologically and physiologically advantageous for the infant but amazingly ... → Read more

Breastfeeding Myths

Q. Don't breastfeeding woman need to drink milk in order to make milk? A. The answer is "Absolutely not!" Mammals (including human women) do not have to drink the milk of other mammals in order to make milk. Cows do not drink goat's milk to make milk. ... → Read more