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Relief from sore throats

I am a classical homeopath having worked with hundreds of children with both typical sore throats and chronic strep throats.  There are many natural methods that can bring relief and cure for this problem. Take a small spray bottle, fill with filtered ... → Read more

Homeopathy vital force; what is it?

The goal of a homeopath is to restore balance to the person’s vital force.  Homeopaths believe that the vital force is what gives life to a person. But what is the vital force?  The vital force is what makes flesh, blood, bones, cytoplasm, mitochondria, ... → Read more

Teething Questions & Answers

Q: Are there any natural remedies I can try for my teething baby? She’s eight months. A:  Homeopathy tends to be the best choice because young children like the taste of the homeopathic remedies which are sweet and easy to administer.  Homeopathy ... → Read more

What is Homeopathy?

Why isn’t homeopathic medicine very popular in America?  Maybe it is because the tenet of homeopathy is ‘less is more,’ and for most of us this is an unusual concept considering our present society believes that ‘more is better.’  When homeopaths ... → Read more

Q & A – Homeopathy

Q. How is a visit with a homeopath different than a regular doctor? A. Homeopaths look at the total person and ask hundreds of questions. We are concerned with your taste in food, whether or not you are a cold or hot person, if you are a night or morning ... → Read more