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When to Introduce Solid Foods?

Q. My four-month-old daughter is physically ready to start eating solid foods but breastfeeding is still going well and I think I want to delay the introduction of solids a little longer. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to waiting a little longer? ... → Read more

Don’t Fear a Fever

In my practice, I often get calls from clients worried that their baby or they themselves have a fever. I respond quite differently than their doctors do. I say, "Hurray! I am so proud of you; your immune system is doing exactly what it needs to be doing. ... → Read more

Q & A – Children’s Health

Coughs Q. Please give me some suggestions for winter coughs. A. I love the herbs marshmallow, wild cherry bark, elecampane, lemon balm and thyme. These herbs can be used singly or in combination. Q. What kind of coughs are these herbs for? A. ... → Read more