Best Spelt Cookie Recipe

Spelt Cookies2 eggs (organic better)
2 sticks margarine (earth balance)
½ cup raw sugar (or white)
½ cup brown sugar
Combine the above ingredients and mix well
Next add: 3 cups spelt flour (white or dark)
1 teaspoon-baking powder
1 teaspoon-vanilla

Mix all ingredients together gently, but don’t over-mix the batter. Spelt does not like to be mixed too much, if you work the dough too much the dough will get too firm and will tend to crumble. Lastly add ½ to 1 cup of chocolate chips to taste. You can also add cranberries, nuts, dates, blueberries, or strawberries. Either form into small round cookies and bake on a cookie sheet You can make this dough into cookie bars by placing the dough into a 9 x 13 pan. Cookies bake for 10-12 minutes Cookie bar option should bake in pan for 30-35 minutes. This cookies or cookie bars taste best slightly under cooked.