Homeopathy vital force; what is it?

The goal of a homeopath is to restore balance to the person’s vital force.  Homeopaths believe that the vital force is what gives life to a person. But what is the vital force?  The vital force is what makes flesh, blood, bones, cytoplasm, mitochondria, golgi bodies, DNA, and RNA work together to create a life.  The vital force is energy, an invisible energy that gives the person his or her own unique qualities and their personal drive to live.  Homeopaths describe the vital force as an energy that not only pushes the living body in health but also in disease. This vital force or energy force is what a person carries within themselves from the moment they are conceived until their death. Its energy must flow uninterruptedly otherwise negative symptoms can develop.  Blocked energy creates stagnation allowing illnesses to take hold of the tissues or organs in the body.  There are viruses, bacteria and parasites around us all the time, but they can only affect a weakened vital force. When the vital force is strong and unencumbered, these intruders have no effect on the body.  Conversely, if the energy is blocked and stagnant, they may grab hold and make the person ill.

Homoeopaths believe that this vital force determines our state of health throughout a person’s entire life. A healthy vital force maintains a healthy mind and body and a weakened or blocked vital force will allow illness to enter the person.

The homeopathy’s goal is to find the correct homeopathic remedy for the patient.  The energy of the homeopathic remedy has to match the energy of the person’s vital force.  The homeopathic remedy’s job is to help initiate movement of the person’s energy when it is lacking, and unblock the energy if it is blocked.

Homeopaths believe that the body is a self-healing mechanism and given the right environment – healthy foods, correct nutrients, exercise and mental stability – the body has the ability to heal itself. The body was created with everything it needs to heal itself if something goes wrong, but sometimes the body needs that energetic push to remind itself of its strength. Homeopathic medicine’s goal in illness is to stimulate the person’s own vital force to get back in balance so the person’s own body will be able to ultimately heal itself.