Q & A – Children’s Health


Q. Please give me some suggestions for winter coughs.

A. I love the herbs marshmallow, wild cherry bark, elecampane, lemon balm and thyme. These herbs can be used singly or in combination.

Q. What kind of coughs are these herbs for?

A. Marshmallow is an emollient that means it soothes irritated throats and lungs.

Wild cherry bark is for spasmodic coughs — coughs that comes in spells.

Elecampane is one of the worst-tasting herbs but it is my absolute favorite. It is an expectorant which means it helps the lungs get rid of mucus.

Lemon Balm is a wonderfully gentle herb used for viruses and to calm an aggravating cough.

Thyme has essential oils that help calm coughs. It works as an expectorant to help the mucus leave the lungs and opens the airways that are irritated.

Q. Are these herbs safe for kids?

A. Yes, all of the above mentioned herbs are safe for children and adults.

Q. How would I administer these herbs to children?

A. I like the caregiver to put the herbs into a glass cup. Put about one-half teaspoon of grape juice over the herbs and then give the herbs with a medicine dropper.