Celebrate Mother’s Day by Buying Yourself Some Wonderful Healing Herbs

Moms work hard! Their job descriptions include more than just loving, kisses and being passionate about their kids. There daily tasks usually include; cooking, cleaning, diaper changing, laundering clothing, which leaves most moms over-worked, sleep deprived and stressed-out. With her job of multi-tasking, most moms do not find the time for them to take care of themselves. Moms generally make sure their kids are well-rested, well-feed and well-dressed often forgetting about their own needs. Modern moms know that it is important to eat the right foods, drink plenty of water and exercise. Some moms can fit these ‘luxuries’ into their lives, while others can’t. But, even the mothers who find the time to take care of themselves often still feel overwhelmed, fatigued and stressed. What’s a mom to do? Well, the research that Dr. Israel Brekhman, MD did on adaptogens is something all moms should know about. Adaptogens are considered tonic herbs that can be taken daily, and safely used over a long period of time. Dr. Brekhman studied adaptogens for 45 years and was amazed at their ability to support the metabolic processes of the body, and help to restore balance. Adaptogens are unique herbal nutrients that help the body adapt to stress. All kinds of stress can be helped with adaptogens, whether the stress is from: physical demands, chemical or biological challenges, emotional upheavals or environmental toxins. And who couldn’t use a little extra help handling stress? Adaptogens are a great ‘mother’s little helper’ that can also increase energy during the day, strengthen endurance, help provide greater mental alertness, and assist the body in acquiring a deeper and more restful sleep. The good news is that they help restore strength after child birth (and it doesn’t matter whether that child birth happened 3 weeks ago or 15 years ago).

Three wonderful adaptogens are Eleuthero, Rhodolia and Schisandra. Although all adaptogens help the body handle stress, each adaptogens has different personalities. These adaptogens can be taken separately or together and are best taken in tincture form three times daily, with or without food.

  • Eleuthero: Tends to work best with ‘type-A personalities’ who don’t know when to take a break. It normalizes blood pressure, and helps to smooth out the peaks and valleys of stress.
  • Rhodolia: Is for over-worked individuals who have a tendency to feel depressed, and for people who have a feeling of ‘heat’ in their bodies.
  • Schisandra: Works as a mild stimulant, enhances work, and normalizes the nervous and immune systems.

Each of these herbs can be purchased or ordered from your local health food store.