First aid kit for the summer

The summer months are the time for fun and adventure. It is a time when mom’s, dad’s and babe’s get to spend time outdoors which is exciting but can also can leave you vulnerable for bug bites, bumps and bruises. Below is a list of some products that are inexpensive, effective and easy to carry.

French green clay– Is the perfect product for mosquito bites. French green clay is presently marketed as a ‘facial mask’ but herbalists have been using pure, healing clays for centuries. The green clay is best used to alleviate the pain associated with mosquito bites. For mosquito bites the clay is used in the form of a paste. Put a ½ teaspoon of green clay in a cup and add a few drops of water till the clay begins to stick together, forming a paste. Scoop up the paste and spread it over the bite. When the clay dries it might begin to crumble off; so if the bite is still painful you can spread another layer of clay over the existing one, and you can continue layering as needed. The green clay will help to pull out the toxins, reduce inflammation and soothe the skin.

Arnica gel-is a wonderful product that stays fresh in your purse or diaper bag and is easy to carry around. It is used for bumps and bruises. Applied immediately after a bump it will reduce the swelling and help ease the pain. (It can also be used later but the sooner the better). The gel can be applied either 3x a day or every 15 minutes if the injury is very painful. Do not apply to open skin. The homeopathic pellets of arnica are also very helpful and those are dissolved under the tongue. Three pellets are the standard dosage.

Natural bug spray-Most bug repellents have the chemical DEET which is a potentially toxic chemical. There are a variety of natural bug repellents made from essential oils which can be very effective. The down side to essential oils is that they need to be re-applied more often, but essential oils used in bug repellent formulas are safe (keep away from your and your child’s eyes), good for the environment and pleasant smelling. One of my favorite products is from healing spirits and the product comes in a small, easy to carry size that will fit perfectly into a diaper-bag, purse or back-pack. I suggest spraying the product onto the child’s clothing or sprayed into your child’s hair.

So, this summer be adventurous and enjoy the beautiful hikes, beaches, and parks just be prepared with these three beneficial products.