Natural first aid tools for the summer

Summer is a great time for discovery and adventure.  The time spent outdoors is what kids look forward to all winter long.  And there is nothing worse than getting a bug bite, a cut or scrape, or a bump or bruise to ruin the fun.  But have no fear, we moms can be prepared!  We all know the importance of keeping extra tissues and a small bag of wipes in our purses, but here are three wonderful products that are very exceptional at curing the ouchies: Green Clay-French green clay is a wonderful multi-faceted product that is easy to use and extremely helpful.  You can purchase green clay at your local health food store—usually sold as a facial mask. Green clay can be transferred from the usual tub, into a small container you keep in your purse.  Best uses are for bug bites and kitchen burns.  Put a small amount of clay into a clean cup.  Add a drop or two of water and mix into a paste.  Make a layer over the bug bite with the green clay.  The green clay soothes inflamed skin and helps draw out the toxins deposited there by pesky bugs, like mosquitos.  If the bite is still itching after the clay has dried, apply another layer.  Green clay formed into a paste is also wonderful for minor kitchen burns or burns at a barbeque.  Applied shortly after the burn, green clay will help heal the skin and often prevents scarring. Yunnan Baiyao Powder– This miraculous Chinese powder is best used for scrapes, cuts and open wounds.  The powder is applied directly into the cut and will coagulate the blood very quickly.  It is also a natural antibiotic preventing infection.  This herbal mix comes in a cute little bottle that is easy to carry around in your purse and great to have on a hiking adventure.  If the cut is very deep, this powder will burn a little when applied, but the results are well worth it.   Although most health food stores do not carry this product, it can be ordered on-line. Homeopathic remedy Arnica Montana 30c– Arnica is used to help assist the body to heal itself when you get bumped, bruised, or fall.  Given after a fall or bruise, the remedy will help reduce inflammation and help heal the tissue.  Homeopathy comes in a very convenient vial that is small, compact and easy to administer.  The dosage is the same for children as it is for adults.  The typical dose is three pellets that are best dissolved under the tongue; however, if children take them on top of the tongue it is also good, but only if they are allowed to dissolve naturally in the mouth, as opposed to being chewed. I’m sorry if we cannot prevent the usual from occurring, but we can be prepared with natures little healers, and have fun this summer—being as adventurous as we choose to be.