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Hi, I’m Sara-Chana Silverstein IBCLC, RH (AHG)

Taking steps to help your body and your family feel great is one of the biggest and most selfless decisions you can make. I believe that living your best life is achievable. So I am here to help you do that with herbal remedies rooted in tradition, supported by science, and administered with love.
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“With all of the confusing mixed messages we get about how to manage and control our moods, Sara-Chana Silverstein has masterfully created a beautiful handbook for those of us looking to think outside of the box!”
Mayim Bialik
Author of the book Boying Up: How to Be Brave, Bold and Brilliant
“Our moods regulate our biology, and in turn, our biological well-being regulates our moods/emotions. In this book, Sara-Chana Silverstein shows you how you can enjoy the experience of a joyful, energetic body, a loving, compassionate heart, a restful, alert mind, and lightness of being.”
Deepak Chopra, MD
Author of Perfect Health, Quantum Healing
“Sara-Chana’s book is full of suggestions and herbal wisdom sure to uplift. It’s a reminder that while the world may seem whirling out of control, there are simple, small daily steps and natural remedies within your reach that you can take to reclaim calm, peace, and joy in your life.”
Aviva Romm, MD
Author of The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution and Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health
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Herbs for #brainfog

Migraine quick herbal fix

Herbs to ease any type of cough

The best air purifier at home

Constipation? Pear sauce can help

Motherwort is every woman’s best friend

Got burns? Ouch! Aloe vera can help

Two products that will help you relax after a long day

Master Herbalist, Author, and Breastfeeding Expert

Years of Experience as an Herbalist and Homeopath

45,000 Babies Helped as a Breastfeeding and Lactation Consultant

459 Babies Delivered as a Doula

One of Amazon”s Bestselling Authors

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Sara-Chana Silverstein teaches people how to integrate alternative medicine with conventional medicine.

She is a Master Herbalist RH (AHG), classical homeopath, and International Board-certified lactation/breastfeeding consultant (IBCLC). She is also a businesswoman, author, adult education teacher, columnist, community advocate for women and children, wife, and mother of seven children.

Sara-Chana is a credible consultant to many obstetricians, midwives, and pediatricians, and a guest lecturer at medical schools. As a TV personality, Sara Chana can be seen on all the major networks and has been interviewed on radio programs and podcasts across the country.

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“I love helping women make educated and natural choices that improve their overall emotional and physical health”
Sara-Chana Silverstein


Herbs have been used since the beginning of time, and their healing properties have benefited humans and animals alike. More recently, herbs have fallen out of popularity in favor of pharmaceuticals, but they have never left us. Herbs grow and thrive even in harsh environments to let us know they’re here to heal us.

Safe and gentle on the body without harsh side effects

Great complement to medical treatments

Support the body’s natural healing process

Available year-round from FDA-approved companies

Want to learn more about the benefits and uses of herbs growing around your home?

Services Inspired by Your Needs

Sara-Chana offers a variety of service packages to meet the needs of families at different stages in their health journey. Find the one that fits your needs and goals from the list below:

Monthly Workshops

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Why women and families work with Sara-Chana for years

Expertise and experience

With her many years of experience helping families in New York, Sara Chana has become a trusted and respected expert in herbalism and homeopathy. Now she shares her knowledge by speaking at forums, on TV shows, and in podcasts and webinars.

Holistic approach

As a trained classical homeopath, Sara-Chana takes into account the whole person— body, mind, and spirit— and recognizes the interconnectedness of all aspects of health.

Customized support

Sara-Chana understands the uniqueness of each person she helps. So she works with the client to create personalized treatments that meet their specific needs and goals.

What Clients Say

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