Breastfeeding Myths

Q. Don’t breastfeeding woman need to drink milk in order to make milk?

A. The answer is “Absolutely not!” Mammals (including human women) do not have to drink the milk of other mammals in order to make milk. Cows do not drink goat’s milk to make milk. Sheep do not drink cow’s milk, and goats do not need to drink human milk in order to make milk. All mammals need vegetables or grasses to survive and create milk. So, woman who are breastfeeding need lots of vegetables (and protein) to make enough milk for their child.


Q. Won’t vegetables cause gas pains for the baby?

A. I believe the answer is no and yes. I believe very much in the blood type diet for breastfeeding moms. After 18 years of working with colicky babies I see that when woman eat correctly for their blood type babies do not have colic. For instance: Blood type A moms should not eat tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and potatoes. Blood type O moms should not eat cauliflower, cabbage, potatoes and cucumbers. Blood type B can eat all vegetables, and blood type AB need to also stay away from peppers, cayenne, and avocado. All blood types can eat all kinds of lettuces and I advocate one or two large salads a day for nursing moms that include garlic and onions.