Philosophy on Breastfeeding

Sara Chana“I believe that the natural path for a woman who decides to have children is to breastfeed them. Girls must be educated to understand that breastfeeding, where possible, is not only psychologically and physiologically advantageous for the infant but amazingly healing, balancing and fulfilling for the mother. Girls must be taught that they can pursue the career they want without having to sacrifice childbirth and breastfeeding.”
— Sara Chana Silverstein

Sara Chana Silverstein is a Brooklyn-based, international board-certified lactation consultant, birthing instructor, classical homeopath, herbalist, businesswoman, wife and mother of seven children.

Sara Chana empowers and teaches thousands of women, many of whom were told their babies would never breastfeed, how to improve their breastfeeding experience. She shatters breastfeeding and birthing myths, and encourages women to make smart choices while guiding them in the art of juggling breastfeeding with a career. In her 15 years of practice she has strengthened women by educating them on how to treat and heal their children naturally, and how to ask the proper questions of their doctors, ensuring that they themselves and their children receive the most comprehensive medical care.

She is a birthing instructor and consultant to many obstetricians, midwives, and pediatricians in the New York metropolitan area as well as an adult education teacher, columnist, and community advocate for women and children. Sara is a highly sought-after public speaker who is funny, provocative, and exciting.