Q & A – Herbs

Q. What is the difference between elder berry and elder flower?

A. Elder berries are a wonderful antioxidant. They are rich in vitamin C, anti-inflammatory and taste great! The flowers stimulate the immune system and help with upper respiratory infections. They are also a natural anti-histamine and help with nasal and sinus congestion. These two herbs are great in herbal mixes for children, and help with winter colds and flus, and also seasonal allergies.

Q. What is skullcap herb used for?

A. Skullcap is known as a nervine which means it helps calm the nerves. Skullcap soothes and relaxes the system without making one sleepy. This herb is used for children, adults and seniors. It helps with nervous tension, nervous excitement, anxiety, restlessness and stress. It’s used with teenagers before and after stressful tests, toddlers adjusting to a new school setting, parents after a long day of work, and seniors who need to relax after years of hard work. Skullcap in tincture (liquid) form tends to be the best way to take this herb. This herb can be taken regularly and over a long period of time.