Q & A – Homeopathy

Q. How is a visit with a homeopath different than a regular doctor?

A. Homeopaths look at the total person and ask hundreds of questions. We are concerned with your taste in food, whether or not you are a cold or hot person, if you are a night or morning person. We look for the details about how you feel with your condition. We are less interested in what the condition you have is called but how the condition effects you. Migraines may have similar pains but each person experiences it differently. We want to find out how the condition is different and specific to you.

Q. What do the numbers mean after the name of the homeopathic remedy names?

A. The number is the amount of times the remedy has been diluted and cecussed (shaken). Usually the 6c and 12c are for purely physical ailments such as thrush on the tongue, cold sores, or hemorrhoids. 30c can be used for ear infections, bangs, colds and flus. 200c can be used during intense infections like flus or ear infections that come on suddenly, or for an emotional challenge.

When you are being treated by a homeopath constitutionally (meaning treating the whole person not just a specific complaint), then 200c, 1M, and 10M are usually prescribed.

Q. How is it that if three of my children have the stomach flu or virus a homeopath may suggest three different remedies.

A. We may have three children with the bacteria shegella causing diarrhea and a homeopath will probably suggest three different remedies because although the same bacteria may be present in all three children the way the bacteria presents itself will be different in each child. One may have horrible stomach cramping before the diarrhea, one may have cold then hot chills before their diarrhea and the last may have a burning fever with painless diarrhea. Homeopaths observe the way a person’s illness effects them and treats the symptoms that they see. The same virus in a lab will effect people very differently. That is why Homeopaths ask so many questions and prefer very detailed answers.