Blurbs on Herbs

Herbal questions & answers

1. With school starting back up, what are some natural ways parents can help boost their children's immune system? I am a fan of herbs to assist the body during the stressful times such as the transition kids go through from going back into a classroom ... → Read more

Stress Busters

Today we women do it all—yes, you men also ‘do it all’—that’s just the way the world is today; keeping us constantly busy! We work, parent, shop, cook, clean, and most of all, we get stressed! Most adults know that we are supposed to find the ... → Read more

Summer natural first aid kit

When people walk into a health food store, most are overwhelmed by the amount of products that are available to them and they are confused about which products to spend their money on. When I teach classes on ‘natural’ medicine, one thing I make sure ... → Read more

Basic maintenance for good health

Let’s begin with some basics, and to do this we’ll compare the body to a favorite machine of ours—the car. In order for your car to run properly it needs gas, oil, and other fluids. But if your car sits for too long these fluids get thick and congeal ... → Read more

Health benefits of honey

Honey can heal cuts and scrapes even better than antibiotic creams If you cut or scrape yourself, reach for honey instead of your antibiotic cream and you pay be pleasantly surprised. When applied to a wound, honey slowly releases hydrogen peroxide ... → Read more

Back to school

Going back to school is a big and exciting transition for both your child’s psyche as well as his body. It is fun for kids to get a new backpack and lunch bag; new clothes are always cool, and the prospect of acquiring new friends is both invigorating ... → Read more

Stress busters

Today we women do it all! We work, cook, parent, clean, shop and most of all get stressed? Most modern women know that we are supposed to find the time to take care of ourselves, but that doesn’t always happen. We know we need to sleep, drink water ... → Read more